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Subject Area: Political Theory
Subject Area: Sociology

Alexis de Tocqueville, De la Démocratie en Amérique, vol. 3 [1835]

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De la Démocratie en Amérique, 4 vols., revue et corrigée, et augmenté d’un Avertissement et d’un Examen comparatif de la Démocratie aux États-Unis et en Suisse (Paris: Pagnerre, 1848). Vol. 3.

Part of: De la Démocratie en Amérique, 4 vols.

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About this title:

Vol. 3 of 4 vols. A revised and corrected 12th edition in French of Tocqueville’s famous analysis of the nature and consequences of democracy in the American Republic. Tocqueville visited the U.S. in 1831 with Gustave de Beaumont officially to inspect the American prison system, but unofficially to observe the American political system. The result were two volumes by Tocqueville on American democracy in 1835 and 1840 and a volume by Beaumont on slavery in America, Marie. [Source: Gallica/BNF].

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