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MARC Records

All new titles added to the Online Library of Liberty include a MARC Record (as of October, 2007). These Marc Records are part of a collection known as the Online Library of Liberty Series at WorldCat.

We plan to work though our entire collection adding MARC records for all our titles which will be available in batches of 50. For more information see:

  • actual MARC records combined into a single file containing 50 OLL titles - downloadable from this page.
  • a complete list of the titles in each batch of MARC records is available in the files listed below.

Some users have reported that some MARC records in the batch files do not load into their computer catalogs for some reason. The MARC records are downloaded directly from OCLC (where they were created). We are investigating the problem. Please let us know if you have had any difficulties.

September 26, 2008: Thanks to all those Librarians who helped us locate and fix some corrupted MARC records which were downloaded from OCLC. There were 3 in the 2007-10-25 batch; 2 in the 2008-02-11 batch; 1 in the 2008-05-01 batch, and 11 in the 2008-08-08 batch. We used the program MARC Report to identify these files, remove them, and rebuild the batch files with (we hope) uncorrupted MARC records.