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The Portable Library of Liberty (PLL) is a data DVD which contains a selection of books drawn from the larger collection held by the Online Library of Liberty. They are full text versions of our online books and are available in several formats designed to be read on hand held devices. The current edition has texts in text-based PDF, ePub, and Kindle/Mobi formats.

6th edition of the PLL (September 2011)

The 6th edition of Liberty Fund's Portable Library of Liberty data DVD is now available (created September 9, 2011). This collection of texts is drawn from the Online Library of Liberty, published by Liberty Fund, Inc. Version 6.0 differs from the 50th Anniversary edition (version 5.1, created February 17, 2010) with the addition of Kindle/Mobi and ePub versions of the texts and the omission of the Intellectual Portrait Series MP3 audio files, which can still be found at the Online Library of Liberty website.

Request a complimentary copy of the Portable Library of Liberty DVD by emailing the editor at []. Please include your postal address so the DVD can be shipped to you.

What’s Inside the Disk:

This disk contains 1,047 titles in various E-book formats (text-based PDF (1,047 titles), ePub (845), and Kindle/Mobi (810)). They are full-text versions of the books which can also be found on the OLL website. They are organized by titles, subject areas, and topics.

This disk contains works by hundreds of authors from Ancient Sumeria to the present, and is organized by people, periods, and schools of thought.

A live-search system and live filters on nearly every page makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Many Liberty Fund published books are available on this disk as EBook PDFs. Versions of these books in ePub and Kindle formats will be available from the Liberty Fund online book catalog for purchase. For a complete list of books published by Liberty Fund go to the online book catalog [external link] or use the PDF version included on the disk.

You can browse the collection of Quotations about Liberty & Power (298) which are listed according to the date they first appeared on the OLL Website. You will also see a new randomly selected quote each time you return to the home page.

The books on the PLL DVD are designed to be read on both computers and handheld reading devices like the iPad, the Nook, or the Kindle. The EBook PDFs can be read within a web browser by using a plugin such as Adobe’s PDF Reader or they can be opened and read in a stand-alone PDF reader such as Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (a free download) or Apple’s Preview. Many handheld devices can also read PDFs (such as the iPad). The ePub and Kindle versions can be read on a variety of devices. The ePub format has been widely adopted by device manufacturers, except for the Kindle which is limited to the Mobi format. Other devices, such as the iPad can also read Kindle formatted texts when a Kindle reader app has been installed.

Liberty Fund encourages the use of these texts for academic and educational purposes as long as due regard is given to the copyright and fair use conditions stated below as well as on the front page of each title, and as long as proper attribution is given to Liberty Fund’s website or DVD as the source of this material when it is cited.

Copyright and Fair Use Statement (summary)

Most of the titles on this disk are in the public domain, or are texts to which the Liberty Fund has electronic rights, or other texts to which Liberty Fund has acquired the electronic rights from third parties. No special permission from Liberty Fund is required for quoting material in papers and essays, or for limited photocopying and distribution for academic or other educational or non-profit purposes. The only requirement that we ask of you, the user, is that you include proper attribution to Liberty Fund and the OLL when you use our material [see more information about proper attribution and citation here]. Some titles on this disk are put online under license from the copyright holders, such as the Glasgow Edition of the Works of Adam Smith (from Oxford University Press). Specific copyright information for a title can be found on the information page for that book.