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ePub Collection version 2

OLL Titles in Epub Format (2nd edition) [850]

Below is a list of the titles on the Online Library of Liberty <> which are available in ePub format suitable for reading on portable devices such as the iPad. As of 17 August, 2011 there were 850 titles. They are also avaible from the OLL website by going to a book's table of contents page where a list of all formats in which the title is available will be displayed. For example, going to the table of contents page for John Locke's Two Treatises of Government </title/222> will show that it is available in HTML, Facsimile PDF, EBook PDF (a text-based PDF which can be viewed on portable devices), ePub 2 (our second revised and improved ePub format), and Mobi (which can be used on Kindle devices).

Another way to access these ePub titles is to copy the URL of this webpage and email it to yourself. You can then open the email in your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Touch the link and you may add any of these titles to your iBooks library in two easy steps:

  1. Click on a title below
  2. When prompted, choose Open in “iBooks”

iBooks will load the title and show you the first page. The book will be stored in your device for easy off-line reading.

Epub and Kindle versions of books published and sold by Liberty Fund will soon be available for purchase. They will not be available free of charge from here although they are available in other formats (fascimile PDF, HTML) at the OLL website. See the list of Liberty Fund published titles here below [195 titles August 17, 2011].