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A Multi-Award Winning Website


The OLL has been recognized internationally as one of the best websites for teaching and research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Our most recent recognition for our outstanding material comes from the Library of Congress of the United States of America which has selected the OLL for archiving.

Earlier awards include:

1. NEH Best of the Humanities on the Web Award
2. Arts and Humanities Research Council Editor's Choice Award
3. The International Political Science Association's Top 300 Websites

Library of Congress Web Archive Minerva
Library of Congress Web Archive Minerva

The Online Library of Liberty website has been selected by the Library of Congress to be archived as part of their Minerva project to collect and preserve material "of historical importance to the Congress and to the American people." The OLL website will join a select group of websites which will be cataloged and preserved for future generations of researchers. It will be part of the "Single Sites" collection of thematic or event-based web sites - presumably our theme of "liberty" is what caught their attention.