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ALA Midwinter Meeting, Philadelphia, PA January 11-14, 2008

The Online Library of Liberty (OLL) is pleased to be attending the January 2008 American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. Liberty Fund's booth number is 1847.

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About the OLL

The OLL is a multi-award winning library of over 1,000 classic texts and 600 essays and study aids which are made available at no charge to the public for teaching & learning about the humanities & social sciences. It has a powerful search engine which allows full text searches, downloadable MARC records, and customizable reading lists for teachers & professors.

The texts span 4,000 years of human history & cover the disciplines of economics, history, law, literature, philosophy, political theory, religion, sociology, & war & peace. Most books are available in 3 different formats: facsimile PDF so that scholars can see what the original text looked like; professionally proof-read HTML with detailed and linked table of contents to aid navigation; & downloadable, self-contained, & searchable PDF E-Books. All authors have a brief bio & are grouped into schools of thought, historical period, & nationality. All books have a brief description of their content & are organized into collections such as subject areas, topics, debates, & other special collections. Detailed bibliographical, copyright, & fair use information is provided about each book.

The OLL has been recognized by a number of prestigious bodies for its outstanding contribution to research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences. The National Endowment for the Humanities gave the OLL its “Best of the Humanities on the Web” Award (2005) saying “the OLL has some of the highest quality humanities-related educational content on the Internet.” The British Arts and Humanities Research Council’s gave the OLL its “Editor’s Choice” Award (2007): describing it as “one of the best and most relevant online resources in the arts and humanities. The International Political Science Association has selected the OLL as one of the Top 300 websites in the world for research in political science.

Of Special Interest to Librarians

The OLL has a number of features of special interest to librarians:

  • the material is available free of charge to the public for educational purposes.
  • the texts are professionally proofread & converted to XML/HTML.
  • the texts are available in multiple formats, including facsimile PDF so scholars can see what the originals look like.
  • the texts are derived from out of copyright editions or have been put online under license from the copyright holders.
  • each title is provided with detailed biographical, copyright, & fair use information.
  • a citation generator on each page provides the full bibliographical reference for each title, its URL, & the date it was accessed.
  • the OLL has online some of the best scholarly editions of key works in the humanities & social sciences: e.g. the complete works of Adam Smith (Oxford UP), David Ricardo (Cambridge UP), J.S. Mill (University of Toronto P). See the Special Collections page.
  • downloadable MARC records are available for each new title which goes online (we are working on the backlog of older titles).
  • the award-winning OLL has been recognized by leading bodies in the humanities & social sciences for its outstanding online collections.
  • professors & teachers can now create their own customized reading lists from the resources of the OLL. See how to do this.

Downloadable MARC Records

All new titles added to the OLL now come with downloadable MARC records so librarians can add the text to their own online catalogs in order to make them more accessible to their patrons. All OLL titles with MARC records are part of a collection at WorldCat known as “The Online Library of Liberty”. We are gradually working our way through our older titles adding their MARC records. These can be downloaded in larger batches of 50 as they become available. More information on this great new feature.

User Created Reading Lists

Teachers & professors can now create their own customized reading lists for their classes using the resources of the OLL. See how to do this.

  • sign on & begin browsing the OLL website to select entire books or chapters to add to your list.
  • when you are finished making your selections you can edit your list giving it a title, adding explanatory information about your course, adding links to your own institution’s websites, changing the order of the readings, & so on.
  • when your reading list is finished you assign it to a subject area (e.g. “History”) & a suitable audience (e.g. “College Undergraduate”). If it is appropriate we will publish it on the OLL so your students can access it via the WWW.
  • browse our current reading lists for inspiration. See what other teachers are doing & how they are using the OLL to facilitate teaching & learning in the humanities.