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About the Forum

The Online Library of Liberty is divided into two sections, the Forum and the Library.


The Forum is the place where discussion about people, the books, and the ideas these books contain take place. It contains articles, essays, biographies, bibliographies, and other educational material about the texts.

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Contributors: Many of the biographical and bibliographical descriptions in the Forum and the Library were written with the assistance of David Hart, Hans Eicholz, and Kristen Beach of Liberty Fund and Lauren Landsburg of Econlib.

[Image at left is one of Holbein's illustrations to Erasmus' In Praise of Folly (1511) - two people discussing the issues of the day.]

User Created Reading Lists


This is a great new feature for professors and teachers to bring OLL books into the classroom. Create and annotate your own customized collection of readings which can be posted on the OLL website for use by your students. Or you can create a list of your favorite titles to send to your friends.

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