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"Seek and ye shall find!" (Matt. 7:7)

Here are some tips on searching the Online Library of Liberty:

1. Search the Forum: to search the articles, bibliographies, and essays in the Forum, use the search engine in Search the Forum
2. The Library Catalog: to do a quick search for an author, title, or key word in the library catalog , use the Find Author/Title
3. Full-text searches in The Library: to do more complex searches for key words in the full texts held in the library, use the search engine in Advanced Search

Tips for doing full text searches via the Adanced Search page:

1. you can search for any combination of words or an exact phrase
2. you can limit your search ("filter") according to certain attributes of the author (historical period, school of thought, nationality) or of the title (date published, subject area, topic)
3. authors: you can limit your key word search to, for example, all works by Australians who lived in the 19th Century, or to all those authors who were members of the Austrian School of Economics
4. titles: you can limit your search to, for example, all titles published in the 18th century in the subject area of history, or to all those titles in the topic of the French Revolution
5. to show how the filters can help narrow your search, an unrestricted search for the word "Constantinople" produces 1,619 results; by filtering the search by author (e.g. 18th century Frenchmen) produces 138 results; by filtering the search by title (e.g. 19th century economics) produces 125 results.

Tips for doing  full text searches via other pages of The Library:

1. if you go to any author's bio page you can search just the works written by that author (e.g. search only the works of Adam Smith)
2. if you go to any book's table of contents page you can search the contents of just that title (e.g. Smith's Theory of Moral Sentments)
3. if you go the table of contents page of any "set" or multi-volume collection you can search all the volumes in that collection (e.g. the Glasgow Edition of the Works of Adam Smith)
4. if you go to The Library/Titles/Philosophy (or any of the other subject areas) you can search all the titles in that subject area (e.g. Philosophy)