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Reflections on Liberty and Power:

A Collection of Quotations from Liberty Fund’s Online Library of Liberty (2004-2014)

Each week we post a quotation about Liberty and Power which is taken from the collection of titles in the Online Library of Liberty. Its aim is to explore what some key thinkers have to say about some aspect of man’s struggle for liberty against the individuals and institutions which sought to tax, regulate, control, enslave, conscript, or kill him. After five years this collection of quotations provides a valuable resource which shows the diversity and richness of these texts. The topics and texts selected for the quotations reflect a number of factors: the arrival of new titles to go online, suggestions by colleagues, reaction to contemporary events, and a general exploration of the material. We have gathered them together here for your enjoyment and edification. The quotations are organized by topic and the date of their first appearance of the quotation is provided to the right of its title. There are 445 quotations in this collection.

We have also compiled a collection in PDF format of all the quotations about Liberty and Power which we have used since the site was launched in March 2004. The collection (dated January 14, 2010), is entitled “Reflections on Liberty and Power” and contains 236 quotations from material in the OLL collection from March 2004 to January 11, 2010. It can be downloaded here in two different versions:

  • a more compact version which contains only the short quotation (254 pp., 8.5 MB PDF)
  • and the full version which contains the longer quotation and information about the author and the title (537 pp, 12.83 MB PDF)


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