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Period: Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece covers the period from the archaic period when epic poets like Homer were at work, through the golden age of Periclean Athens in the 4th century B.C. Although Greek writers and thinkers were very active in later periods, especially during the Roman Empire and throughout the Mediterranean area for centuries, politically the Greeks were subjected to Roman rule. The major historical events and intellectual movements of that time, which influenced the development of liberty, include the following:

  • the flourishing of the Greek city states as independent political communities and the political reflection which accompanied this
  • the beginnings of western philosophy by thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates who asked some of the most profound questions with which we are still grappling today
  • the extraordinary literary creativity of epic poets like Homer and playwrights like Aeschylus and Sophocles who reflected upon the nature of war and the tragedy of the human condition
  • the beginnings of modern historical writing with the work of Thucydides

12 People in this Group:

sort name ↑ name   birth   death  
Aeschylus Aeschylus 525 BC 456 BC
Archimedes Archimedes 290 BC
Aristotle Aristotle 384 BC 322 BC
Euclid Euclid 365 BC 300 BC
Herodotus Herodotus 484 BC 425 BC
Hesiod Hesiod 700 BC 700 BC
Hippocrates Hippocrates 460 BC 377 BC
Homer Homer 900 BC 900 BC
Plato Plato 429 BC 347 BC
Socrates Socrates 470 BC 399 BC
Sophocles Sophocles 496 BC 406 BC
Thucydides Thucydides 460 BC 400 BC