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Period: The Medieval Period

This period covers the time from the end of the Roman Empire to the beginnings of the Renaissance and the Reformation. The major historical events and intellectual movements of that time, which influenced the development of liberty, include the following:

  • the preservation and further development of ancient Greek and Roman science and philosophy in the Arab speaking world
  • the flowering of Christian theology and philosophy
  • the emergence of more modern formss of literature in the venacular language by writers such as Chaucer and Dante
  • the creation of one of the founding documents of the Anglo-American legal tradition, Magna Carta

21 People in this Group:

sort name ↑ name   birth   death  
Al Ghazali Al Ghazali 1058 1111
Anselm Saint Anselm 1033 1109
Aquinas T St. Thomas Aquinas 1225 1274
Assisi F Saint Francis of Assisi 1181 1226
Averroes (Ibn Rushd) Averroes (Ibn Rushd) 1126 1198
Bede Saint Bede 672 AD 735 AD
Benedict St. Saint Benedict 480 AD 547 AD
Beowulf Beowulf 800 AD ?
Boethius Boethius 470 AD 524 AD
Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer 1340 1400
Dante Dante Alighieri 1265 1321
Kalidasa Kalidasa 500 AD 500 AD
Maimonides Moses Maimonides 1135 1204
Misc (Magna Carta) Misc (Magna Carta) ?
Misc (Roman Chant) Misc (Roman Chant) ?
Mohammed Mohammed 570 AD 632 AD
Njal B Burnt Njal ?
Petrarch Francesco Petrarch 1304 1374
Rhazes Rhazes 865 AD 923 AD
Sturlason S Snorre Sturlason 1179 1241
Wyclife John Wyclife 1330 1384