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(124 lists)User Created Reading Lists

These Reading Lists have been created by users of the OLL website for a variety of purposes. Some have been created by professors and teachers for use in their classes and courses. Others are lists of someone’s favorite books. What they have in common is that users can create their own customized reading lists of material which is on the OLL website and make these lists publicly available on the OLL website for their students or friends to access and use.

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Leszek Templewicz’s reading listCollege (Graduate)


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19th Century French Political Economy Part 1 - Ambroise ClémentCollege (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 10 - Bastiat, Chevalier, Dunoyer, Guizot, et al.College (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 2 - Gustave de MolinariCollege (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 3 - Léon FaucherCollege (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 4 - Joseph GarnierCollege (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 5 - Charles CoquelinCollege (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 6 - The Say FamilyCollege (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 7 - Henri BaudrillartCollege (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 8 - Hippolyte PassyCollege (Undergraduate)
19th Century French Political Economy Part 9 - Jean-Gustave Courcelle-SeneuilCollege (Undergraduate)
An Introduction to Pre-Smithian Economic ThoughtCollege (Undergraduate)
An Introduction to the Major Writings of Ludwig von MisesGeneral Interest
Frédéric Bastiat on the State and the Free MarketGeneral Interest
Hayek and von Mises on Liberty, Socialism, and InterventionismLiberty Fund Colloquium
Ian Dunois’ Free Market foundationsCollege (Undergraduate)
Liberty and Responsibility in Adam SmithCollege (Graduate)
Lopez — Public Choice Reading ListCollege (Graduate)
Readings on Adam SmithCollege (Undergraduate)
Readings on RicardoCollege (Undergraduate)
Shaftesbury, Mandeville, and Smith on Liberty, Virtue, and ProsperityCollege (Graduate)
Wealth, Commerce, and Corruption in Hume, Smith, and FergusonLiberty Fund Colloquium


list nameaudience
Albert1010’s reading listCollege (Graduate)
The Director’s FavouritesGeneral Interest


list nameaudience
Acton and the History of LibertyCollege (Undergraduate)
B. Dekker’s reading listCollege (Graduate)
Essaying Liberty in Hume’s History of England in the Reigns of James I and Charles ILiberty Fund Colloquium
James Madison Reading ListLiberty Fund Colloquium
Mark Alcorn’s reading listCollege (Undergraduate)
May 8th-11th Conference Boston MA.College (Graduate)
Omar’s reading listGeneral Interest
Revolutuinary AmericaHigh School
The Affirmation of ReasonGeneral Interest
The American Revolution and Early RepublicCollege (Graduate)
The Populist’s reading listCollege (Graduate)
Wilda Rowe’s reading listCollege (Graduate)


list nameaudience
50th Anniversary Anthology of the Works of Adam SmithGeneral Interest
50th Anniversary Anthology of the Works of David RicardoGeneral Interest
50th Anniversary Anthology of the Works of Ludwig von MisesGeneral Interest
50th Anniversary Conference on ExchangeLiberty Fund Colloquium
50th Anniversary Conference on Freedom and PowerLiberty Fund Colloquium
50th Anniversary Conference: Seminar on PowerLiberty Fund Colloquium
Adam Smith on Liberty and ProprietyLiberty Fund Colloquium
Classic Works Collection IGeneral Interest
Essays by Murray N. RothbardGeneral Interest
Essays on John Stuart MillGeneral Interest
Forgotten Gems of LibertyGeneral Interest
Individual Freedom—In what Does It Reside?General Interest
Jennifer Overfield’s reading listCollege (Graduate)
Liberty and Responsibility in John Stuart MillLiberty Fund Colloquium
Liberty and Responsibility in Plutarch and ShakespeareLiberty Fund Colloquium
Liberty, Responsibility, and Prudence in The Prince, King Lear, and Measure for MeasureLiberty Fund Colloquium
New Economic School of Georgia Winter AcademyGeneral Interest
New Liberty Fund Titles 2006General Interest
New Liberty Fund Titles 2007General Interest
New Liberty Fund Titles 2008General Interest
New Liberty Fund Titles 2009General Interest
Perennial Questions in the Pursuit of HappinessCollege (Graduate)
The Great Books Reading GroupGeneral Interest
The Scottish EnlightenmentLiberty Fund Colloquium
The Works of Lysander SpoonerGeneral Interest


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Ben Odams’s reading listGeneral Interest
British and French Sources of American ConstitutionalismLiberty Fund Colloquium
Introduction to the American ConstitutionGeneral Interest
James Wilson, the Law of Nature, and the Protection of LibertyLiberty Fund Colloquium
Key Documents of Liberty: 17th Century EnglandGeneral Interest
Key Documents of Liberty: 17th Century North AmericaGeneral Interest
Key Documents of Liberty: Ancient and MedievalCollege (Undergraduate)
Key Documents of Liberty: Interpreting the American ConstitutionGeneral Interest
Key Documents of Liberty: the American RevolutionGeneral Interest
Key Documents of Liberty: Writing the American ConstitutionGeneral Interest
Liberty and the Constitution in the Work of Lysander SpoonerLiberty Fund Colloquium
Liberty, the Papal Revolution, and the Law MerchantLiberty Fund Colloquium
Pocket Guide to Political and Civic Rights, 1215-1830General Interest


list nameaudience
Liberty and Sovereignty in Four Shakespeare PlaysLiberty Fund Colloquium
Liberty and the Ideals of Greek PaideiaGeneral Interest


list nameaudience
David Hume’s Moral Psychology: Taste and SentimentCollege (Graduate)
Ethics reading list (Dr. Bowser)College (Undergraduate)
gyakusetsu’s reading listGeneral Interest
Ian Dunois’s Natural LawCollege (Undergraduate)
Lalit Kumar Kedia’s reading listCollege (Graduate)
Locke on Toleration: Locke’s A Letter Concerning TolerationGeneral Interest
Mitchell G. Moffat, M.D.’s reading listCollege (Graduate)
Neven Leddy’s reading listCollege (Graduate)
Origins of ThoughtGeneral Interest

Political Theory

list nameaudience
Alexander Hamilton on Executive Power as the Guarantor of LibertyLiberty Fund Colloquium
An Introduction to the Political Thought of John LockeGeneral Interest
Ancient Political PhilosophyCollege (Undergraduate)
Authority and Liberty in the Writings of Robert Filmer and Thomas HobbesLiberty Fund Colloquium
Ben Hildebrand’s reading listHigh School
Classics in the History of Political ThoughtCollege (Undergraduate)
Classics in the History of Political ThoughtCollege (Undergraduate)
Constitutional Academy Reading ListCollege (Undergraduate)
Contrasting Views of Liberty in Hume and RousseauLiberty Fund Colloquium
Dr. Enrico Peppe’s reading listCollege (Graduate)
Emerson on Slavery and AbolitionGeneral Interest
Freedom and PowerLiberty Fund Colloquium
James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation Summer Institute 2012College (Graduate)
James Tyrrell on Authority and LibertyCollege (Graduate)
John Adams and the French Debate the American ConstitutionCollege (Graduate)
John Locke and Algernon Sidney on Liberty and Free GovernmentLiberty Fund Colloquium
John Millar on Liberty and EqualityLiberty Fund Colloquium
John Stuart Mill’s and Harriet Taylor’s Writings on WomenGeneral Interest
Leakey’s reading listCollege (Undergraduate)
Liberty and Responsibilty in the Thought of Benjamin ConstantLiberty Fund Colloquium
Liberty, Self-Reliance and Private Property in Emerson and MillLiberty Fund Colloquium
Major Political Thinkers: Plato to MillGeneral Interest
Marc Kivel’s reading list - Unreached utopiaCollege (Undergraduate)
Mill and Stephen on LibertyLiberty Fund Colloquium
Mill on LibertyCollege (Undergraduate)
Mill on the Subjection of WomenCollege (Undergraduate)
Property Rights: An OverviewGeneral Interest
Readings on Self-Government and LibertyCollege (Graduate)
Santiago Dussan Laverde’s reading listCollege (Undergraduate)
The Federalist Papers: America’s Political ClassicCollege (Undergraduate)
The Political Thought of John MiltonCollege (Undergraduate)
The Political Thought of MadisonCollege (Undergraduate)


list nameaudience
Get right ChurchGeneral Interest
Mill and Tocqueville on Liberty and Religion in a Democratic AgeLiberty Fund Colloquium
The Rise of Christianity and Islam in Gibbon’s Decline and FallLiberty Fund Colloquium

War and Peace

list nameaudience
Essays on War and PeaceGeneral Interest
Liberty and Peace in the Life and Works of Richard CobdenLiberty Fund Colloquium
Nationalism, the State, and LibertyLiberty Fund Colloquium
Thucydides on Empire, War, Democracy, and LibertyLiberty Fund Colloquium